Eric Jerome Dickey – Finding Gideon

I absolutely adore the writings of Eric Jerome Dickey! Known for his erotic novels, Mr Dickey is always on the mark; giving his readers a cleverly delivered balance between sensuality and gripping storylines. A few days before my holiday, I checked on Amazon for any new books that would keep me entertained whilst away. There I found to my delight, Finding Gideon, on Eric Jerome Dickey’s amazon page. After years of reading the Gideon series I actually could not hold excitement! So of course I had to order- shoutout to Wordery for delivering my book so quickly!

For those unfamiliar to the story of Gideon or who require a reminder, the Gideon series holds the following books;

  • Sleeping with Strangers
  • Walking with Enemies
  • Dying for Revenge
  • Resurrecting Midnight

And now Finding Gideon… “As a hit man from the time he was very young, money, women, and danger have always ruled Gideon’s life; but for the first time, it’s taking its toll. Still, Gideon is about to launch his biggest act of revenge yet… one he believes will destroy his adversary, Midnight, once and for all. Taking down Midnight’s team isn’t so clear cut thanks to two dangerous women. Is it possible that Midnight’s downfall will come from the inside, or will Gideon finally meet his match?” Without giving too much away, not only is Finding Gideon about a young black man seeking to unravel the web of lies and depicts and reveal his truth – a quest that many people can relate to in some form. This is also a book which thrusts the reader into Gideon’s world. A world where he is battling the demons in his mind whilst on the look out for the ones waiting around the corner to assassinate him at any given moment. How will he conquer and overcome them ?? Well you have to read and find out. This book was meant to answer the questions left from Resurrecting Midnight but for me this book created more questions then answers! Which means another book! Yay!

Now I did not just enjoy this book because of the vivd sex scenes *wink wink*, but the characters, Gideon, Midnight, Hawkes, The Bajan etc all frequent cities far and wide and Mr Dickey’s level of detail to the cities visited in the book amazes me. From Argentina to Paris to London, Eric Jerome Dickey is able to paint such a vivid picture which almost makes the reader feel like the characters are tangible, like the reader is a firsthand witness to the innermost thoughts and intimate moments the characters experience. I’ve read other famed erotic novelist like Zane but Mr Dickey sets a scene like no one else can.

I am super excited for the next chapter for Gideon. Is Midnight really his father? What other secrets in Catherine hiding? and with the smooth introduction of Goldilocks from a Wanted Woman into the story, what adventures will they get up to? Perhaps I’m slightly biased as Eric Jerome Dickey is one of my favourite authors but in any case I give this book a 10/10. Prepare to be stimulated in more ways than one!Can someone please make a film out of the Gideon series?! Please and thank you!

Happy Reading!



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