Bookmark- My Upcoming Reads

Its the penultimate month before the new year! and on that note here are a few books I intend to read within the weeks ahead

Behold The Dreamers – Imbolo Mbue

A novel detailing the experiences of two New York City families during the 2008 financial crisis: an immigrant family from Cameroon, the Jonga family, and their wealthy employers, the Edwards family. A story about the immigrant experience which in our current climate with Donald Trump policies is extremely fitting…

 Love – Toni Morrison

Granted this novel was first published in 2003, Toni Morrison’s writings are timeless. A story of love, passion, hatred, power all centred around the late Bill Cosey makes for an all consuming read…

Waiting and Dating: A Guide to a Fulfilling Love Relationship- Dr Myles Munroe

I absolutely love the writings and words of the late Dr Myles Munroe. He possessed the ability to make the bible and Gods word relatable to the very youngest believer! Navigating the world of dating, waiting, singleness for anyone is not always straightforward, so I decided to get some help from my creator through Dr Myles Munroe…

Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead – Sheryl Sandberg

COO of Google and Lean In founder Sheryl Sandberg, has a wealth of experience and knowledge I know I can draw from. In my personal experience many women including myself doubt our abilities, our knowledge and in turn stop ourselves from entering into that next level especially in relation to our chosen professions..


What are some of the books you’ve ordered recently?




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